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  • We guarantee to our clients licensed and insured services (transportation, guidance, excursions, etc.).

    We are the only tour operator in the Dominican Republic with Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008 certified by AENOR, Spanish Society of Normalization & Certification, since 2009.

  • We are reliable and efficient in operations & communication.

    We are credible, flexible, creative, transparent.

    We are getting complete feedback from our clients.

    We are providing full-range high quality services: tickets, hotels accommodation, transfers, excursions, round trips, MICE, VIP service, wedding& photosessions, assistance at the hotels and at the airports, real estate&legal assistance, insurance.

    We have the best trained and prepared staff

  • Having a big clients flow and working 11 years on the market, we have great offers from the providers of excursions

    We are organizing our own exclusive tours and excursions

    We have our own transportation company

    We receive a big flow of tourists that allows us to go down with the prices